Company Profile

We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the foremost Indian manufacturers and exporters of spares for the for woven sack Circular Looms such as Lohia, Starlinger, GCL etc. Winder spares for makes like Lohia, Pricitex, Kolsite & Lexone. We can supply spares for stitching machines like Armstrong (HD-502), printing machines (2 colors, 3 colors) and spares for Lamination plant as well.

At Shri Hari Sharanam Overseas, we are concerned about quality. We give 100% attention to detail and ensure excellent customer service.

Our spares are manufactured on CNC machines with qualified workers. We do not believe in bulk quantity manufacturing. We rather prefer focusing on smaller quantities with periodic check to ensure that there are no deviations on the quality parameters. We get the best out of our CNC accuracy and consistency. Our spares are manufactured with high precision without compromising on being competitive.

While we have almost developed most of the spare parts, we are continuously on the path of developing newer items to add to our kitty. So, if there isnít a spare that we can deliver to you immediately, kindly be assured that we will develop the spare for you keeping the quality in mind. Having been part of this industry for more than a decade, we know our strengths and you can be rest assured of our competence.

We provided engineering services provided for :- 1.) Woven Sack Industries.
2.) Steel Rolling Mills.
3.) Sugar Industries.
4.) Stone Crusher Industries.
5.) Cements Industries.
6.) General Machinery Spares Part.